Daily business: out and prout?

70% of out graduates go back in the closet when they start their professional career.
30% of LGBT*IQ employees are not out at work.
79% experience daily discrimination at the workplace.

Germany needs visible LGBT*IQ role models that promote equal opportunities at the workplace: They give young LGBT*IQs the necessary confidence to be prout in their working life and the certainty that coming out at the workplace is not an obstacle for a successful career..

Lead by example:

PROUT PERFORMER makes role models visible, who make a substantial contribution for equal opportunities of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersexual and queer persons at work.
PROUT PERFORMERS show that a successful career at work is possible regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

The project is a continuation of Germany’s Top 100 OUT Executive List: With more differentiated categories, a modified list structure and more transparency PROUT PERFORMER expands the visibility of LGBT*IQ in Germany.

How can people change their minds about us if they don’t know who we are?
– Harvey Milk

Good Reasons to be part of the list

In the USA and UK similar lists have already been published for many years. Many of the high-ranking LBGT*IQ executives speak of professional benefits because of their visibility on the list. In addition, each person displayed on such list is a role model – and thus a shaper of social change.

In Good company…

Gesa Heinrichs
5th Place OUT EXECUTIVES 2019

“It made me proud to appear on the list because it connects my sexual orientation and my professional success: the placement was a very good reason for discussion inside and outside my company”.

Nikita Baranov
1st Place LGBT+ Voices 2020

“To be ranked first on the LGBT+ Voices list is recognition for my work on LGBT*IQ issues at the workplace. But more than that, I want to be a role model and motivator, so that many others who have not been visible on the lists feel encouraged to be out and proud.”

Dominik Weh
25th Place OUT EXECUTIVES 2020

“In addition to recognizing personal commitment, a placement on the list is especially helpful for the greater visibility of LGBT*IQ in the workplace. The top-class jury and the media interest help internally as well as externally to put the topic of LGBT*IQ on the agenda and to sustainably further strengthen both the support of and the commitment to inclusion and diversity and to it’s implementation in the organization.”


In addition to these lists, we regularly organize events for mutual networking in order to connect committed people, establish relationships or to explore the topic in depth with inspiring content. The next event is listed below (if applicable). Stay up-to-date via our social media channels.

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