The Foundation


The PROUT AT WORK Foundation creates a visible and tangible publicity for queer issues in the workplace. The foundation has been working with companies for 10 years to promote diversity and equal opportunities for queer employees. At PROUT AT WORK, we firmly believe that diversity should not only be accepted, but actively promoted.

We are an open-minded, diverse team and are looking for committed, open-minded people who are interested in queer issues and want to promote equal opportunities for queer people in the workplace.

Why we enjoy working at prout at work:

Porträt Jo Labecka
Jo labecka (no pronouns), customer relationship manager

“The flexibility and autonomy in the way I organize my work are important factors that I really appreciate about working at PROUT AT WORK. I find it particularly fulfilling that my work has a positive impact on the situation of queer people in the workplace and in society. Exciting projects, diverse target groups and a committed team round off the work at PROUT AT WORK perfectly.”

Portrait Julian Gebhard
Julian Gebhard (he / him), press and communications

“The topic of ‘equal opportunities’ is particularly close to my heart, both privately and professionally. For this reason, I am all the more motivated to give queer issues a stage. We need to talk more about queer issues and learn from queer people so that everyone understands that diversity is not just a buzzword, but needs to be actively promoted!”

Jonas Fischer (he / him), office manager

“At my old job, my transition was not an issue, my colleagues and bosses supported it – without any problems. But when I join the company NOW, I come into an environment that consists of 80% diverse people. This sensitivity and the extreme appreciation among colleagues, but also from the management, is priceless.”

Do you want a job with meaning? Are you full of creative ideas on how we can achieve our mission for more equal opportunities in the workplace? Then apply for a job with us!


Honorary member of the Executive Board
Federal Volunteer Service
Working Student (m/F/d)
Working Student (m/F/d) – Focus on public relations
No match?!

We are also happy to receive unsolicited applications if none of the explicitly advertised positions match your profile.

Your benefits at prout at work:

PROUT AT WORK benefit: Flexibility at work

“Flexibility in the workplace is always an advantage and is essential when you have children. The option to work part-time and to adjust the number of hours if the family situation changes is just one attribute that makes work flexible. Knowing that there is mutual trust is worth a lot.” – Frauke Bareiss, Speaker and Project Lead at PROUT AT WORK

Benefits bei PROUT AT WORK: Remote Work

“Depending on the content and projects I’m working on, I can work flexibly from my home office at PROUT AT WORK. At the same time, I really appreciate the personal contact with my colleagues in the Munich office. A perfect mix for me!” – Sy Legath, Speaker and Project Lead at PROUT AT WORK

PROUT AT WORK benefit: Further education

“Last year, I completed further training to become a diversity trainer. I really appreciate the fact that the foundation not only gives me the opportunity to develop my talents and interests internally, but that I also have the option of external training.” – Donna von Hösslin, Project Lead at PROUT AT WORK

PROUT AT WORK benefit: Job ticket

“The job ticket not only makes commuting from home to the office easier, but also gives me the opportunity to travel from A to B cheaply and flexibly – by public transport instead of by car.” – Julian Gebhard, Press and Communications at PROUT AT WORK

PROUT AT WORK benefit: Fair payment

“The reference to the collective agreements for the public sector and a performance-related variable bonus create fair remuneration for everyone and show me that at PROUT AT WORK there is not only respectful interaction within the team, but that my work is also recognized on a monetary level.” – Christian Boß, Project Lead at PROUT AT WORK

PROUT AT WORK benefit: Takeover opportunity

“Since I joined PROUT AT WORK as a working student over five years ago, our team has grown just as much as our challenges. That’s why it’s a great sign for me that I can now continue to contribute my commitment and the responsibility that I was able to take on as a working student in a permanent position.” – Enea Cocco, Speaker and Project Lead Pride Day Germany at PROUT AT WORK