Prout Performer & Prout Amplifier

We need queer role models who promote equal opportunities in the workplace: they give other people the confidence they need to be visibly out at work and the certainty that coming out does not have to be an obstacle to a successful career.


The PROUT PERFORMER lists were published in 2020 as a further development of Germany’s Top 100 Out Executive list. With more differentiated categories, a modified structure and more transparency, they are specifically expanding the visibility of queer people in Germany.

Lead by example

Similar project are part of the USA and UK corporate landscape. Many of the high-ranking and openly queer executives placed on these lists speak about the professional benefits of being visible on the list. Furthermore, everyone on the list is a role model – and therefore a shaper of social change.

We are convinced that the lists are a great way to promote queer visibility in working life, and in recent years we have gathered some really impressive personalities there. At the same time, we also believe that the greatest strength of our community lies in two areas: In its diversity – and in its community. This is exactly what we want to make visible this year in the PROUT PERFORMER project. It should be about diversity and solidarity, about solidarity and power-sharing.


Many of our PROUT PERFORMERS are already in establisched positions, both professionally and personally. Now it is the time to take the opportunity and share ones own stage and radiance with other people who are also doing great things – but whose voices have not (yet) been heard loudly enough.

Power-Sharing, Solidarity and Connection

We therefore want to use the PROUT PERFORMER year 2024 to draw attention to all the queer people who have not made it onto the lists of recent years, but whose work impresses and inspires us. Our PROUT PERFORMERS will become PROUT AMPLIFIERs for people from their personal network, from companies or personal fields of action who inspire and whose stories should definitely be heard by others.

Over the course of the year, various formats (e.g. live events, trialogue lunch talks, interviews, etc.) will be used to create spaces where we can learn from each other and talk to each other about the topics that move and motivate us and you.

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