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Albert Kehrer (he/him)

“I know from personal experience what it feels like to be able to develop your full potential in the workplace. Too many people still do not have the confidence to be themselves. My contribution as the CEO of PROUT AT WORK is to work precisely on this with companies and organizations, in order to come closer to the goal of a non-discriminatory and inclusive working environment.”

Jean-Luc Vey (he/him)

“For me, it is important that everyone discovers their potential and finds their place in the world of work, regardless of the sexual orientation and_or gender identity. In recent years, there have been many achievements in this area, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done and many challenges to overcome. That’s why I’m committed to help LGBT*IQ in the workplace.“


Frauke Bareiss (she/her)
Project Lead

“Work that improves equal opportunities for LGBT*IQ just makes sense. Since I feel privileged in many ways, I see it not only as a personal concern to work for more equal opportunities and against discrimination. For me, it also means taking responsibility, contributing to a better society and actively change.”

Christian Boß (he/him)
Project Lead

“Working for LGBT*IQ equal opportunities is a matter close to my heart. Through my work, I want to make LGBT*IQ topics more visible, by drawing attention to existing inequalities. In the best case, it stimulates reflection and rethinking of existing views and structures and thus promote honest and sustainable change in the world of work.”

Enea Cocco (he/him)
Project Lead

“Luckily, many people are already talking about queer issues with great openness, and many straight people are now showing themselves appreciative and accepting – that’s something. Nevertheless, the concerns of LGBT*IQ have not yet become part of invisible normality and it is important to me to make a practical contribution in solidarity.”

Jonas Fischer (he/him)
Office Manager

“Even though queer people make up a considerable part of our population, it is quite hard to spot them in most companies. Frequently, this issue can be attributed to queer people being afraid of outing themselves, since they might have already experienced too much discrimination in their lives.
In fact, employees who are able to act freely and openly and do not have to hide while at work tend to perform more efficently and lucratively.
I am proud of working at a foundation that commits to improving queer rights in the business world. The kind of diversity we have already established in our team is the kind that should be common in each and every company.“

Portrait Julian Gebhard

Julian Gebhard (he/him)

“LGBT*IQ equal opportunity concerns us all. Everyone has a responsibility to treat their fellow human beings with respect – both in everyday life and in the workplace. Only then can we create an open (work) environment in which LGBT*IQ people do not have to hide or pretend, but can speak openly about their gender identity or sexual orientation. For this, we need more role models who represent our diverse society and especially encourage young LGBT*IQ people to accept and love themselves.”

Donna von Hösslin (she/her)
Project Lead

“For me, working for LGBT*IQ equal opportunities means standing up for an open-minded workplace that is characterized by acceptance for all people. It is important to me, that everyone can come to work as the person he_she is.”

Jo Labecka (no pronouns)
Corporate Relationship Manager

“With my work, I would like to contribute to the visibility of LGBT*IQ people. Everyone deserves to be respected and to be able to show themselves as their true selves. However, very many people still don’t dare to do so, which is why we absolutely need more role models who show that it is possible. Together with companies and organizations, we can create a safe environment where differences are valued as potentials and not seen as hurdles.”

Sy Legath (he/they)
Project Lead

“Diversity is a buzzword. But it’s not enough to talk about diversity – you have to live it. Authentically, courageously and with solidarity. If we want to make our society and the workplace fair for everyone, we have to take action together. For me, working for LGBT*IQ equal opportunities therefore means taking responsibility, sharing privileges and initiating change.”

Antonia Korth (any pronouns)

“Especially for queer people, myself included, coming out is still one of the biggest hurdles in the workplace, because as an LGBT*IQ person you still often have to fear discrimination and negative consequences. This leads not only to personal restrictions, but also to serious limitations on one’s performance. To counteract this, I would like to gain insights into the implementation of equal opportunities for LGBT*IQ people in the workplace during my internship.”

Porträt Theresa

Theresa Frank (she/her)
Federal Voluntary Service

“Today, work means a livelihood, which makes the surrounding environment an indispensable part of a person’s life. Consequently, it is here that issues and inequalities in society as a whole can be seen, including discrimination against LGBT*IQ people.
As a part of this community, it is close to my heart to make positive changes to our situation.
As a human being, I want nothing more than for every person to be able to express themselves freely and safely in their daily lives, without having to fight for tolerance or other basic rights.
In both cases, I see the world of work as an important pivot.”

advisory board

Martin Behle

Karen Beier
Senior Expertin Diversity & Inclusive Culture im D&I Office

Corina Christen
Charta der Vielfalt e.V.

“Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace is very important to me. My commitment to equal opportunities for queer people in the workplace is based on the fundamental principle that every person should have the opportunity to develop free from discrimination. An atmosphere in which individual authenticity can be lived without fear not only promotes the well-being of the individual, but also strengthens the entire team.”

Torsten Grewe
Leiter betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement
Pfizer Pharma GmbH

“For me, equal opportunities for queer people in the workplace is a question of justice. Everyone should have the same opportunities, regardless of their identity. Through an inclusive work environment, we can promote not only individual growth, but also the diversity and creativity that lead to innovative solutions and a successful company.”

Dr. Gesa Heinrichs
Vice President Corporate Procurement & Campus Management
OTTO GmbH & Co. KG

“Why am I campaigning for LGBT*IQ equal opportunities?
…because not everything is good yet.”

Dennis Heuer

White & Case

“I am committed to PROUT AT WORK, because the professional environment plays a central role these days and more diversity can only enrich the world of work.”

Kai-Frithjof Hülsmann, Deutsche Telekom AG

Kai-Frithjof Hülsmann
Deutsche Telekom AG

“I am deeply convinced that diversity plays a crucial role in innovation and creative thinking in our digital future and is crucial in shaping new technologies. That’s why I am passionate about equal opportunities for queer people in the workplace and shaping the diverse working world of tomorrow.”

Stefan Katt, Vöklinger Kreis

Stefan Katt
Völklinger Kreis

“As a gay man, it is particularly important for me to advocate for equal opportunities for queer people in the workplace. As a manager, I have a responsibility to promote an inclusive corporate culture in which diversity is valued and every employee has the same opportunities to progress based on performance and ability – and not be disadvantaged because of their sexual orientation. There should also be room for personal and professional development in the workplace. I am committed to equal opportunities in order to bring about positive change, not only within my own company, but also in the world of work as a whole. Unfortunately, there is still a lot to do, true to the motto: Be Proud – Be Yourself – Be Ambitious.”

Kornelia Liebert
Wirtschaftsweiber e.V.

“Equal opportunities are important to me, because these opportunities for people with a different sexual orientation are still unevenly distributed and discrimination continues to exist in companies.”

Debora Murseli
Diversty & Inclusion Lead Germany

“Equal opportunity is a human right, it is regulated by law. In reality, things are not always fair. Unfortunately, queer people in particular are still subject to unequal treatment and hostility. In my role on the advisory board, I want to use my voice to empower the queer community and raise awareness.”

Susanne Nezmeskal-Berggötz
Deutsche Post AG

Claudia Peiser

“Only those who can develop freely in the workplace can work successfully and happily and use their own potential to the full. To ensure that no one forgets this, you have to remind some people of it from time to time. And this requires people who point this out and demand it, even if it is sometimes uncomfortable. In the end, we all benefit from it.”

Andreas von Rosen
Senior Programm Manager

“When I came out to my employer 20 years ago, it was preceded by weeks of worrying and various panic attacks about how it would be received. Fortunately, thanks to the tireless work of many fellow campaigners and colleagues, we are now much further along, but it is still often a difficult process. And not every company can already call itself LGBTIQ friendly. It is therefore very important to me that we do not let up in our efforts to demand and promote genuine equal opportunities and acceptance for LGBTIQ people. I want to work towards this.”

Matthias Schreiber, PwC

Mathias Schreiber

Sofia Strabis
Leitung Diversity & Inclusion Management


“As the inclusion officer at Commerzbank AG and Head of Diversity & Inclusion Management, I believe that the inclusion of all people, with their individual skills and potential, is an essential goal of corporate culture. Everyone belongs to it & there is no “label” for people. The aim of our diversity strategy is to think about all aspects of diversity & inclusion management globally and to anchor them in people so that diversity can be experienced as an integral part of our DNA.”

Barbara Thiel, thyssenkrupp Ag

Barbara Thiel
thyssenkrupp AG

Paul Tophof, Noerr

Paul Tophof

“I know from my own experience how important it is to advocate for equal opportunities for queer people in the workplace. We must not rest on our laurels – we must continue to work towards a diverse and unprejudiced working environment. I would like to contribute to this with my commitment.”

Antonia Wadé
Diversity Management
Audi AG

“Being queer is still associated with prejudice.
In my company, I’m working towards a future were being queer is considered as normal.”

Jutta Walldorf
Global Head of Talent Management & Employee Management

“It is my belief that true success and innovation can only be achieved through an inclusive work environment. By advocating for equal opportunities for queer people in the workplace, we are creating an environment where our LGBT*IQ employees can end the game of hiding, realize their full potential and contribute to the continuous improvement of our company.”

founding companies

Logo Deutsche Telekom


©Jens Schadendorf

Jens Schadendorf

“All human beings are born free and equal in rights and opportunities. Thinking this way and acting in this spirit is not only deeply humane and non-negotiable. It is also socially, culturally and economically beneficial – for each person, the companies in which we work, the society to which we belong. I want to make a contribution to ensuring that thinking and acting in this way becomes much more ‘normal’ for the LGBT*IQ community than it has been up to now – in order to make the world a better place.”

Jörg Litwinschuh-Barthel

PROUT AT WORK-memberships

Bundesverband der Stiftungen

The Federal Association of German Foundations provides one with regular information on current topics in the foundation sector and represents their interests to the public, politics and administration.


With its information overview of the 10 different foundations that are currently working with them, Regenbogenstiftungen offers more visibility and transparency for the LGBT*IQ community.


ILGA is a global organization that supports LGBT*IQ networks, in order to create a safe and equal togetherness.

PROUT AT WORK-Partnerships

Charta der Vielfalt

The Charta der Vielfalt promotes the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in the world of work.


FidAR advocates for more women in supervisory boards and management positions.

Safe Space Alliance

The Safe Space Alliance is a non-profit organization that helps people from the LGBT*IQ community to identify safe spaces worldwide.

Work It Out

Work It Out is a platform for based in Bulgaria domestic and international companies that want to make their workplaces more inclusive and embrace the benefits of diversity. Work It Out is a collaborative initiative of GLAS Foundation and Single Step Foundation.

Queeres Netzwerk Bayern

In a cooperation that is unique throughout Bavaria, several organizations have joined forces to strengthen the infrastructure of the LGBT*IQ community in Bavaria. The project is funded until 2023 by the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labor and Social Affairs (StMAS).

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