Queer Network Awards


Since 2018, our Queer Network Awards have been recognising particularly committed and influential queer ERGs (Employee Resource Groups). These awards express our appreciation and respect – for people who give a voice to the interests of queer individuals in the workplace.

“We spend an enormous amount of our time at work. It is essential that employers create an environment in which everyone can be fully authentic and safe, and ERGs make a major contribution to this,” emphasises Albert Kehrer, CEO of PROUT AT WORK.

Application period: April 8 to July 8, 2024

This years winners will be announced at the PROUT AT WORK conference on October 24.

Big impact initiative award

The award in the “Big Impact Initiative” category goes to a ERG that has demonstrated particular initiative in working towards a connected, open and egalitarian work environment for everyone – independent of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Your ERG has done something really special to take a stand within the company or out in the field? Your campaign’s creativity make it stand out from the masses?

Rising Star award

The “Rising Star” category awards newly founded or young ERGs that will shape the future. These ERGs position themselves optimally, use their resources efficiently and work closely with both diversity and corporate management. The road for successful networking has been paved and the way ahead is clear.

Your ERG has what it takes to be the newcomer of the year? It was founded less than two years ago but you’re already playing in the big leagues?

global leader network award

The “Global Leader Network” category focuses on established ERGs in major companies whose activities reach beyond national borders. Implementing a largely unified and global strategy requires perseverance, lots of heart and great teamwork. This category honours efforts on an international scale.

Your network isn’t limited to Germany only? As a global player, you are committed to equal opportunities for queer people beyond national borders as well?

Sustainability Award

In 2021, we presented the award in the “Sustainability” category for the first time. The award goes to an ERG that demonstrates sustainable commitment to queer equality in the workplace and has anchored this commitment in its own corporate structure through appropriate structures and policies.

The commitment goes from positioning the topic among employees and in society to implementing queer topics as an integral part of the diversity strategy and driving social change around the queer community.

Are there active, long-term sponsorships or pro bono support of queer associations, NGOs, institutions? Is there systematic recognition of ERG work, e.g. as working time or in development goals? No matter how big or small your company and ERG is: For your ERG, sustainable commitment to equal opportunities for queer individuals is not just lip service?


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