LGBT*IQ Awards 2018

Big Impact Initiative Award:
RBg of the Bosch Group

This year’s Big Impact Initiative Award was presented to the Bosch Group’s RBg network, which – over the course of the year and in particular during the 2018 Pride season – organised numerous campaigns to enhance the visibility of LGBTIQ people as a work-related topic in society. They do not confine their efforts to their own company, but also use their presence to draw attention to the activities of other companies and organisations. Never before has the topic of equal opportunities for LGBTIQ people in professional life been discussed as much as this year – and this is due in large part to this network!

Rising Star Award:
GLOW by Sandoz

The network, which was founded in 2017, was able to gain the active support and involvement of the firm’s Head of Global HR as well as its Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion, thus creating the basis for a high level of support. Furthermore, the foundation was laid for positioning the network at a global level in close cooperation with the D&I Global Team, and the visibility of LGBTIQ people was actively increased both internally and externally! The clearly defined goals and strategic interconnection are already making the network an opinion-former, and the message to the LGBTIQ Community is:
You are welcome here, you belong to us!

Global Leader Network Award:
PRIDE at Accenture

Time and again the company has improved the situation of LGBTIQ people in Germany with the help of its strong Out Executives. By acting strategically and conducting thoughtful campaigns, the network is furthermore pursuing a global approach on all key levels of the company and is extending the boundaries of what is possible for LGBTIQ people, in particular in countries with LGBTIQ-hostile structures. In keeping with the slogan “ONE global Network, 44 Countries, ONE global policy“, they ensure that LGBTIQ diversity is dealt with in an exemplary manner within their own company and beyond.