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HOW TO – our lgbt*iq guides

The LGBT*IQ world is also constantly changing. As a result of legal decisions being made, among other things, adjustments are necessary. These are socially desirable but not always easy to implement. Companies in particular are often forced to act.

The HOW TO guides by PROUT AT WORK provide an approach to such changes from a business perspective. They show options for action that put companies and organizations on the safe side and also take the needs of employees into account.

HOW TO No. 1 | ger version

Same-sex Marriage and What it Means for Businesses

Dear businesspeople and other interested parties, we would like to provide you below with a short guide regarding the changes you can expect in everyday business life as a result of marriage equality and how you can respond to them.

HOW TO no. 2 | ger version

UN LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business

A theoretical overview of the UN LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business and practical suggestions for implementation in everyday business life.

How TO no. 3 | ger version

Do You Speak LGBTIQ?

Language is much more than just a way to express ourselves – it’s also a mirror to our society. It tells us who is truly considered a full member and who is only included as a footnote. If you want to know how everyone can be included linguistically, you will find practical everyday answers and examples in this guide.

HOW To nr. 4 | ger and en version


The perfect piece of reading for all employers who have understood that they will meet LGBT*IQ topics all over their company. A beginner’s guide from A as in acronym (what does LGBT*IQ actually mean?) to Z as in zero disturbances concerning personnel development. It will then be clear why the commitment to equal opportunities in the workplace is financially and culturally worthwhile and how diversity can materialize into minds and structures.