Prout Performer

Conditions of participation

  • A nomination for one of the PROUT PERFORMER lists is only possible through another person (third-party nomination). It is not possible to nominate yourself for a list.
  • The nomination period is from 14 December 2020 – 12 March 2021. Nominations that are submitted after the end of the nomination period will not be considered.
  • A nomination does not guarantee a spot on the respective list for which one has been nominated.
  • We reserve the right to either assign nominations that do not meet the stated criteria to the appropriate list or to reject them.
  • The PROUT AT WORK team reserves the right to exclude nominees from the list (even after they have been informed that a place on the list has been achieved) if relevant criteria are no longer met. Changes of this kind can be made until 13 May 2021 and are not disputable.
  • The acceptance form must be completed in full and submitted via the tool provided on In particular the full name, the current company, the current position, a short biography, as well as a photo incl. the image rights are mandatory for a place on the list.
  • The jury and PROUT AT WORK will not conduct independent research into the nominee’s activities. Nominees must therefore ensure that all information to be considered for the application is submitted using the form.
  • The jury’s verdict is final!
  • In the weeks prior to the publication of the lists, the PROUT AT WORK team will inform the nominees whether or not they have secured a place on the respective list of their application.
  • Nominees who make it onto one of the lists will be published with their current employer and position. It is not possible to be published with former employers. Position and employer at the time of publication apply.
  • We reserve the right to adapt texts that deviate too much from the desired wording with the aim of achieving a consistent style.