Study: Inter* at the Office?!

The work situation of inter* persons in Germany from a differential perspective to (endo*) LGBT*Q+ persons.

By Dipl.-Psych. Prof. Dr. Dominic Frohn, B.Sc. Psych. Michael Wiens, B.Sc. Psych. Sarah Buhl, B.Sc. Psych. Milena Peitzmann, B.Sc. Psych. Nain Heiligers (2020)

The study pursues the objective of investigating the hitherto unsatisfactorily researched work situation of persons who classify themselves as belonging to the spectrum of inter/intersex/ innate variations of gender characteristics and to compare it differentially with the experiences of (endo*) lesbian, gay, bi- and/or pansexual as well as trans* and/or non-binary persons. While the limited research available on inter* is mainly in the area of medically relevant factors, there is hardly any systematically collected data on psychosocial aspects of the multifaceted inter* realities of life.

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