“As a sponsor of the network, the queer community is particularly close to my heart. Neither at Sanofi nor in the rest of society can we do without diversity and talent of any sexual orientation, religion, age or origin.”

Dr. Theresa von Fugler is a biochemist, “doer” and family person. As an executive with global experience in the branded goods industry, she has been Managing Director at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare in Germany since September 2021. She is responsible for the area of over-the-counter medicines from pharmacies. This includes brands for the treatment of headaches, coughs, abdominal pain, constipation and allergies. She is a sponsor of the internal LGBT*IQ network in Germany and is particularly committed to diversity in the workplace. In her private life, Theresa is active in sports and finds variety in beekeeping.

Sanofi’s global diversity strategy is called “all in”.
What does this slogan mean to you?


Dr. Theresa von Fugler: As the name suggests, for me “all in” is a positive term for the fact that people of every dimension of diversity can develop here. Sanofi’s employees in Germany are a reflection of society – people of different backgrounds, experiences, attitudes and skin colors work here. We want to be as diverse as the patients we serve.

The equal opportunities development of all employees is part of our corporate culture and a strategic success factor. Inclusion is not a minority program. We want a working environment in which everyone feels valued and supported without any form of discrimination.

Which initiative or action on equal opportunities for
queer people at Sanofi that particularly impressed you?


Dr. Theresa von Fugler: I was fascinated by the Sanofi truck at Christopher Street Day 2023. The passion and joy with which our team took part in the CSD inspired many people to be there too. Showing our colors on this day was a clear commitment to LGBT*IQ and “all in”. Miraculously, our LGBT*IQ network has since grown to include more members. For me, this is an important message – because diversity should have a positive connotation. It’s not for nothing that an expressive and colorful symbol – the rainbow – stands for the LGBT*IQ community worldwide.

In your opinion, what are the big issues and
challenges regarding queer diversity in the
coming years?


Dr. Theresa von Fugler: The area of tension associated with LGBT*IQ diversity is particularly challenging. This affects Sanofi just as much as society as a whole. On the one hand, it is important to encourage people to embrace their uniqueness, which above all requires acceptance and a matter of course. On the other hand, there are people who are bothered by measures to strengthen LGBT*IQ diversity – regardless of whether they come into direct or indirect contact with them. This reinforces the social tension.

What motivated Sanofi to become a PROUT EMPLOYER
and what would you like to see in our cooperation?


Dr. Theresa von Fugler: When we founded our internal LGBT*IQ network “PRIDE+ DE”, it was clear to us right from the start that we wanted to bring in external support and expertise. The aim at the start was to further develop the quality of the network’s work and growth. Every network has a learning curve right from the start. With a strong partner, we wanted to avoid initial mistakes and act strategically. It is also good to network across company boundaries in order to learn from each other and strengthen each other in our day-to-day work.

What advice would you give to other companies
who have not yet discovered queer diversity for themselves?


Dr. Theresa von Fugler: As a sponsor of the network, the LGBT*IQ community is particularly close to my heart. Neither at Sanofi nor in the rest of society can we do without diversity and talent of any sexual orientation, religion, age or origin. But only when opportunities are fairly distributed can talents develop their full potential. Diverse groups help to break down barriers in people’s minds and obstacles in everyday working life.

One thing is certain for me: surrounding ourselves with diverse and different people helps us all move forward, I’m sure of that.

Dear Dr. Theresa von Fugler, thank you very much
for the interview!