The PROUT AT WORK Foundation increases awareness of LGBT*IQ in the workplace in ways that can be seen, felt and experienced.
That way, equal opportunities for LGBT*IQ become a matter of course, a part of everyday life, and talents and energies can be fully realised.

This openness benefits everyone: individuals and companies, society and business.

Where we come in

PROUT AT WORK is a leading German think tank, providing advice and shaping the debate on LGBT*IQ topics in the workplace. Our goal is equal opportunities for people of any sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sexual characteristics.

We support and guide individuals, networks, companies and organisations by providing strategic guidance on workplace culture as well as educational services and sensitivity training for employees and executives.

Together, we can increase our scope for action and shape today’s and tomorrow’s society.

Social Impact

Workplace culture

Small or large, local or global – we work with companies and organisations. We broaden traditional structures and help you establish and grow a work environment that takes everyone into account and appeals to everybody.

what we offer

At PROUT AT WORK, executives, HR managers, diversity managers and strategists of any kind will find experts for any relevant work-related LGBT*IQ questions they may have. We are strong advocates of the fact that LGBT*IQ diversity in companies pays off: on an economic, cultural and human level.

what we offer
LGBT*IQ networks

We act as an umbrella network for LGBT*IQ networks in companies and organisations. We foster the exchange of experiences and best practices and provide support for the establishment, development and expansion of LGBT*IQ networks.

what we offer

We’re here to assist and advise individuals – in professional as well as private matters. We offer solutions, broaden horizons and connect people with each other or with someone who can provide answers.

what we offer



“We are best able to solve a task when we view it from multiple perspectives.”

Dr. Petra Meyer-Ochel (62), born on the Lower Rhine, graduated with a PhD in business administration from Cologne University. She then worked in personnel and management development for various retail companies, followed by 11 years as a freelance consultant. Since 2015 at REWE Group, responsible for the CoE Personnel Development in Retail Germany as well as many topics of the sustainability pillar Employees.

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PROUTEMPLOYERs are our business allies, input providers and sparring partners. They provide PROUT AT WORK with financial and moral support. PROUTEMPLOYERs communicate the goal of equal opportunities both internally and externally:

»We create an open work environment for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, traits and characteristics or gender expression.«

We are excited about each new PROUTEMPLOYER! Would you like to learn more? This way, please.

16. October 2020 I Events I Virtual

PROUT AT WORK-conference 2020

achieving. more. together.

This years PROUT AT WORK-conference is going to be our first virtual one and will take place on the 16th of October. Our presenting partner is Boehringer Ingelheim. What topic are we going to tackle? Sexual orientation…

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October 8, 2020 I PROUT AT WORK

News from our PROUT AT WORK-Team

Our new team members: Sandra Stadler, Frauke Becker and Philipp Rossi. Read more about our new employees.

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REWE Group

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