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Queer is

The PROUT AT WORK-Foundation increases awareness of queer topics in the workplace in ways that can be seen, felt and experienced.
That way, equal opportunities for queer people become a matter of course, a part of everyday life, and talents and energies can be fully realised.

This openness benefits everyone: individuals and companies, society and business.


Where we come in

PROUT AT WORK is a leading German think tank, providing advice and shaping the debate on queer topics in the workplace. Our goal is equal opportunities for people of any sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sexual characteristics.

We support and guide individuals, networks, companies and organisations by providing strategic guidance on workplace culture as well as educational services and sensitivity training for employees and executives.

Together, we can increase our scope for action and shape today’s and tomorrow’s society.

Social Impact

Workplace culture

Small or large, local or global – we work with companies and organisations. We broaden traditional structures and help you establish and grow a work environment that takes everyone into account and appeals to everybody.


At PROUT AT WORK, executives, HR managers, diversity managers and strategists of any kind will find experts for any relevant work-related questions they may have regarding queer matters. We are strong advocates of the fact that queer diversity in companies pays off: on an economic, cultural and human level.

Queer Networks

We act as an umbrella network for queer networks in companies and organisations. We foster the exchange of experiences and best practices and provide support for the establishment, development and expansion of queer networks.


We’re here to assist and advise individuals – in professional as well as private matters. We offer solutions, broaden horizons and connect people with each other or with someone who can provide answers.




“I am striving to live and promote the value of diversity in my direct area of responsibility, but do not shy away from supporting beyond that.”

Raphael joined Infineon in May 2016 as a Senior Expert for Ethical Hacking and Incident Management. Before joining Infineon, he worked as a Security Consultant for various national and international companies. In 2017 Raphael took over his first management role at Infineon setting up the Cyber Defense Center as a global team.

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Prout employer


PROUT EMPLOYER are our business allies, input providers and sparring partners. They provide PROUT AT WORK with financial and moral support. PROUT EMPLOYER communicate the goal of equal opportunities both internally and externally:

»We create an open work environment for all people, in which sexual orientation, gender identity, qualities and characteristics and gender expression play a positive role.«

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09. April 2024 I Events I Ludwigshafen am Rhein

TOGATHERING: Hate Speech in the Intranet

with BASF

Interactive workshop and networking event regarding hate speech in the intranet.

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January 16, 2024 I My Story

Marit Wiechmann

In the MyStory format, Marit describes her journey as a trans* woman and the experiences she has had in the workplace.

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January 9, 2024 I PROUT AT WORK

“LGBT*IQ” becomes “Queer”

Instead of “LGBT*IQ”, PROUT AT WORK now uses the word “queer” to address everyone who is not heterosexual, binary or…

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