PROUT PERFORMER Lunch Talk with Sven Bäring

Regularily, our board member Albert Kehrer invites an inspiring role model of the LGBT*IQ community or an LGBT*IQ Ally for a chat. You can look forward to an interesting exchange about role models and visibility in the LGBT*IQ community.

This event took place in German.

© Tom Twardy

Sven Bäring
Chair of QueerBw
1st Place PROUTinthePublicService 2021

Sven Bäring is chair of QueerBw. The 26-year-old has been leading the network for queer members of the German Bundeswehr since 2019. The network consists of around 300 members who are active throughout Germany. In his role as chairman, he is in close exchange with those affected and their superiors, advises the military and political leadership on diversity issues, and provides support for education and training in the area of diversity. The network operates a 24-hour hotline, which is ensured by him.

Sven Bäring strongly values a collective queer community and sees cohesion and solidarity as essential components of his commitment.

Together with his deputy Anastasia Biefang he works on the rehabilitation of discriminated soldiers. In addition to networking with other associations and organizations, this also includes exchanges with politicians in the Bundestag.
The goal is to come to terms with the decades of injustice that queer soldiers have had to endure. Until 2000, homosexuality was an eligibility criterion in the German armed forces.

In Munich, Sven Bäring not only supports the regional group of the network, but also volunteers at the SUB, organizes community events and is involved in other associations.