“LGBT*IQ” becomes “Queer”

We have decided to move away from the term “LGBT*IQ”. The spectrum is constantly expanding and it is important to us to include all sexual orientations and gender identities in our communication.

Instead, we are using the term “queer” from this year onwards. Queer is a collective term for all people whose gender identity and/or sexual orientation is not binary, cisgender and/or heterosexual.

The term is characterized by the fact that it does not sharply delineate identities, but that its meaning is constantly shifting. In this way, we ensure that we really address everyone and do not exclude anyone.

Our slogan “LGBT*IQ concerns everyone.” becomes “Queer concerns everyone.” – because it concerns us ALL!

“Over the last few years, we have received an increasing number of inquiries as to whether we can expand our acronym ‘LGBT*IQ’. As we don’t want to exclude anyone in our communication – but this is becoming increasingly difficult to implement with the acronym – we have decided to use the term ‘queer’,” says Albert Kehrer, CEO of PROUT AT WORK. “The term is also increasingly appearing in political discussions and is being increasingly rejected by right-wing conservative politicians in particular – which is why we want to send out a signal: We support the entire community, including all gender identities and sexual orientations!”

Do you have any questions? Feel free to send us a message via our social media channels or an email to info@proutatwork.de.