The world is constantly changing. Amongst others, legal resolutions make adjustments necessary, which are desirably from a society’s view, but sometimes difficult to implement from a organizational point of view. Especially companies are often under pressure to take actions.

PROUT AT WORK’s HOTW TO Guides examine these change processes within the corporate’s perspective. They develop courses of action, which ensure organizations to act within the legal framework and take the employees needs into account at the same time.


The following HOW TO: GUIDES have already been published:


No. 1: Same-sex marriage and it’s implementation within organizations (available in German only)

This short guide aimes to point out the changes in a companies everyday life (and how to deal with them) which are expected to occur due to the legal equalisation of same-sex marriage.


No. 2: UN LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business (available in German only)

This guide explains the UN LGBT Standards of Conduct for business and furthermore provides specific recommendations how to implement them in your organization.


No. 3: Do you speak LGBT*IQ? A guide for gender inclusive and equitable language (available in German only)

Speech is more than the way we express ourselfes – it’s also a mirror of society. It shows who is really seen as a full member of society and who’s only implied, but not specifically adressed. If you’re asking yourself, how one can express oneself gender inclusive and equitable, the guide provide the answers!


No. 4: LGBT*IQ for beginners. Why diversity in the workplace pays off. A guide for employers

In case you always asked yourself what the acronym LGBT*IQ stands for and why commitment for equal opportunities in the workplace constitutes an extremely worthwhile investment in the corporate culture, this is the perfect reading for you! Furthermore the guide provides specific call-to-actions which enable you to promote the topic within your organisation.


No. 5: LGBT*IQ – and you? Coming Out for insiders. A guide for employees (available in English soon)

We published this guide in order to equip you with detailed information before your potential coming out. This guide provides answers to various questions about the process of coming out, valuable tips and contact opportunities to several LGBT*IQ networks and NGOs in addition to further literature.


No. 6: Allies at work. A guide for LGBT*IQ allies in everyday working life (available in English soon)

Everyone can everywhere and anytime be an LGBT*IQ ally – which would be the ideal case. This guide primarily adresses the situation of employees. We show you how to find other LGBT*IQ allies in your company and provide recommended actions for successful collaboration.


No. 7: Third gender option and it’s impelementation within organizations (available in German only)

This guide provides information about the legal background of the third gender option as well as an outlook to possible consequences. Furthermore this guides aimes to support the third gender option’s implementation in organizations.