Should I or shouldn’t I

Coming Out in the workplace

Seminar for homosexual and bisexual employees in companies

05.-07. Oktober 2018 at the “Waldschlösschen”

For many employers these days, it’s no longer a problem – officially. But depending on the environment, company culture, personal attitudes of colleagues and executives, it can be challenging: coming out as a lesbian, gay or bisexual at the workplace. On the other hand, concealment and cover-up costs energy, which is then not available for investing in your work. Sooner or later, the question arises: is it time to come out of the closet? Maybe it has happened already – on purpose, by accident, or outed by colleagues. So, what should you do now – and how should you do it?

These questions are followed by yet more questions: Should I really come out, and if so, how, when and to whom? How will my colleagues and my boss react? What are the consequences of coming out for my professional development? How do I deal with the stupid things that people might say, or situations that make me feel unsafe or uncertain? Am I strong enough to consistently maintain my openness? In this seminar, you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with people who are in a similar situation, and together with them, reflect on the difficulties and opportunities that coming out at work may bring. You have the chance to define your own coming-out story within a safe, respectful environment, to explore the compatibility of your (sexual) identity with your professional roles, to develop strategies for difficult situations, to try out new ways of behaving, and to choose a path that best suits you as an individual.

Interested in this seminar? You can find out more details here (the leaflet is only available in german).

Some companies will carry the costs for this seminar for employees on an anonymous basis: you do not need to reveal your name to your employer. To find out more about this confidentiality feature, contact us or ask your network about your employer’s readiness to pay seminar costs. We’re happy to help!

How do you register for the seminar?
Simply send us an e-mail informing us that you want to participate in the “Coming Out in the workplace” seminar; please include your name and postal address, e-mail address, and employer details.