LGBT*IQ Awards 2018

Only a few months ago we launched the project and now the first winners are set. All of them contribute lots of engagement and compassion to LGBT*IQ equality not only in their workplace but also for society in general. Congratulations to all prize winners, whose awards are more than well deserved!

Rising Star Award 2018

Network GLOW at Sandoz

The network, only founded in 2017, managed to acquire active support and contribution by their Head of Global HR as well as their Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion in a very short time and thus built the basics for strong support in the company. Furthermore, in close cooperation with the team of D&I Global, they were able to lay the foundation for deploying their network globally and thus actively increased visibility of LGBT*IQ not only in their own ranks but also externally! Very clear goals and strategic networking are already making  this network an influencer and their message to the LGBT*IQ community is: Here you are welcome, here you belong! 


Big Impact Initiative Award 2018

Network RBg at Bosch Group

The first award in the section Big Impact Initiative was given to the network RBg at Bosch Group. During the year and especially during pride season 2018, RBg increased visibility of LGBT*IQ as a relevant work-related topic in society by various actions. Doing so, they weren’t limited to their own company but also used their presence to highlight the activities of other companies and organizations. In no other year LGBT*IQ equality in work life has been focussed on so strongly – and this is in large parts due to this network!


Global Leader Network Award 2018

Network PRIDE at Accenture

Again and again, this company has managed to improve the situation for LGBT*IQ in Germany through their powerful Out Executives. Their strategic approaches and well reflected actions allow this network to reach every important level of their company globally and thus broaden the spectrum of possibility for LGBT*IQ, especially in countries with LGBT*IQ-hostile structures. According to the slogan “ONE global Network, 44 Countries, ONE global policy”, they provide an exemplary way of dealing with LGBT*IQ diversity in their own company and beyond.


The bestowal of the LGBT*IQ Awards was part of the first Pre-conference Networking Eve and took place in the Telekom Design Gallery. An inspiring evening full of innovations and time for networking.


All photographies © Jan Patrick Margraf