PROUT AT WORK is convinced that we can achieve our goal of equal opportunities for LGBTIQ people in the workplace only by strengthening our networks within companies and by reaching out to like-minded LGBTIQ organizations.

LGBTIQ employee networks are uniquely placed to enable the cultural change that enhances appreciation of and equal opportunities for LGBTIQ people. Employee networks are enormously important for building understanding about the issues, and for raising awareness among colleagues.

We support people who want to establish and/or develop an LGBTIQ employee network. We can offer many different kinds of support to such networks, including:

  • Initial information on how to establish of a network
  • Telephone consultations
  • Introducing the Foundation to company representatives
  • Introducing the Foundation to members of the network
  • Workshops on how to improve networking
  • Links to other employee networks in the same industry or region
  • Sharing best-practice examples from different networks