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When diversity management emerged as a relevant topic within companies in the 1990s, all professional efforts to provide equal opportunities for marginalized groups were still in their infancy. By now, however, most of the large companies have their own diversity management departments and pursue strategic goals within diversity dimensions. However, opinions are divided on the need for such programs: We take TOGATHERING as an opportunity to question the meaning, benefits, opportunities, and challenges of LGBT*IQ diversity in the workplace.

Together with Arvato Financial Solutions, we cordially invite you to:


Is LGBTIQ (outing) out? – Do we still need LGBTIQ efforts and networks in companies?

01. July 2021 | 16:00h – 18:00h

The dial-in data will be sent to all registered participants in advance.

As part of our TOGATHERING workshop, we look forward to getting to the bottom of the following approaches and questions with you, among others:

  • What are the benefits of LGBT*IQ diversity for the community and businesses?
  • Does over-theorizing LGBT*IQ diversity get in the way of normalizing the issue?
  • How can be contributed to the tolerance & acceptance of LGBT*IQ in society?
  • What challenges come with the topic of LGBT*IQ diversity in the work environment in the next 5-10 years to the D&I management and networks?

We look forward to getting to the bottom of all these (and more) questions with you in our interactive TOGATHERING.

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