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LGBT*IQ Masterclass

Strengthening leaders as role models



The trainers, Dirk Devos and Sibylle May, strongly believe that an inclusive work environment brings out the best in employees and thus optimally utilizes their full potential. This leads to higher performance and better business results for companies.
Inclusion in the workplace is encouraged or inhibited by people within the organization and especially by influential people. Therefore, they want to encourage people who are part of the LGBT*IQ community to become even more influential and leaders to be role models for LGBT*IQ diversity.


Becoming a role model requires overcoming one’s own insecurities and fears about (identifying as) LGBT*IQ, as well as other reasons for one’s exclusionary behavior. Figuring these out requires deep reflection on what has shaped such fears, what experiences have led one to behave as one does, and how to identify these behaviors in order to be able to pause, reflect, and change them.


First of all, everyone needs to find the source of their inner role model within themselves. This role model must be inspired and have the energy to stand up and inform or educate those around you. In the current time when the pandemic is slowly subsiding or hopefully coming to an end, many of the largest industries are experiencing rapid change, triggered by the pandemic, digital transformation is on the rise. Many people are working from home, losing personal ties and struggling to find new ones. We all need to rebalance our lives, find sources of our own well-being, and recharge our batteries.A lot of energy is needed to stay focused and “on board” to drive the coming changes instead of being overwhelmed by them.

During this program, coaches will guide you through methods and tools to find inspiration and build resilience. They will provide models to analyze how your team is doing and introduce helpful practices to help you foster organizational well-being. You will facilitate a safe environment for deep reflection and sharing.


The Masterclass is open to a maximum of 16 people from the LGBT*IQ community. Participants should already have leadership experience. In case of interest / registration please send us a message via the contact form.

trainers / coaches

Dirk devos

Dirk is an international expert in leading high impact change with a particular emphasis on large system interventions, leadership development, family systems theory and organisational learning. Dirk works with clients in a range of different industries, among others: Education, Financial Services, FMCG, Professional Service Firms, Retail, Process Industry.

His interventions are minimalistic and strive to evolve ownership and responsibility from the first moment onwards. He is strong in helping senior leaders build trust amongst each other and throughout the organisation, while at the same time building a high performing climate of challenge and drive for execution.

Dirk guides senior leaders and their teams to achieve robust strategic impact. His core area of expertise includes personal and team guidance, an integrated approach of strategy and leadership development, high impact execution power, intercultural cooperation and strategic breakthrough innovation. He focuses on helping leaders to shift the core of the organisational DNA towards sustainable high performance.

Previously Dirk was a partner at several global leadership boutique firms. He is a graduate of the MIT/Dialogos Strategic Dialogue Master’s programme. He is co-author of ‘21 Leaders for the 21st Century’, elaborating on core values and win-win dilemma strategies in an intercultural business context.

Over time he has developed deeply rooted, integrated and validated practice capabilities in many different roles amongst others board room advisor, executive coach, strategy consultant, OD consultant, change process and workshop designer and facilitator, team coach, trainer, train-the-trainer, consultant’s consultant, guide for high impact learning journeys, dialogue facilitator and trusted guide for personal development work.

Dirk is fluent in Dutch, English, French and German.

Sibylle may

Sibylle is deeply involved in the LGBT+ community. In her former company she was a founding member of the LGBTI-network. At her new company, she now is getting things into motion as well. Having a professional background based on a MINT degree, being part of a minority has been accompanying her throughout most of her live.

In her executive carreer Sibylle participated in a program facilitated by Dirk Devos during which she gained a game changing insight. This changed her self perception significantly and lead her to find her inner role model for LGBT+ in the work place and LGBT+ engagement. Prompted by her story Dirk encouraged her to become part of a program specifically catered to the LGBT+ and allies community.

Sibylle is authentic, honest, to the point and reliable and has pronounced analytic skills. She dares to question routines that others take for granted, she loves to learn something new, she is solution focused and always open for new ways to handle things. In her work she manages her projects, without losing eye for the individual team members. Being a trained coach herself, she coaches the team members on the job and uses her skills for the change management measures any transformation requires to be successful. 

Sibylle is fluent in English and German.

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