Generation Rainbow

by Ralph Zimmerer, Clara Schmidt-Von Groeling and Albert Kehrer

Role models take on a very important function for us humans: They provide orientation. They help us to align, shape and develop our own identity and personality.

But especially for young talents from the LGBT*IQ community who are taking their first steps in professional life, there are few visible rainbow role models. This book changes that.

We have interviewed exciting LGBT*IQ personalities from politics, business, culture and sports. They share with us their personal stories, coming out experiences and give important hints and tips for the future. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always inspiring …!

We encourage and inspire the upcoming Rainbow generation to make their way in the professional world – successful, out and with a great self-image.

“Often other people think that we gays and lesbians want special rights. When in fact, it’s about simply having the same rights for everyone.” – Johnny Talbot, Designer Talbot Runhof

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