LGBT*IQ Awards

Application Big Impact Initiative Award

Application deadline: August 31, 2021

The award in the “Big Impact Initiative” category goes to a network that has demonstrated particular initiative in working towards a connected, open and egalitarian work environment for everyone in the previous year – independent of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. In addition, the network is supported across all levels of the company and the topic of diversity and inclusion is also firmly anchored in the corporate structure and culture. LGBT*IQ diversity topics are not only addressed on specific awareness days, but also throughout the year through internal and external activities and engagements.

Your network has done something really special this year to take a stand within the company or out in the field? Your campaign’s creativity and sustainability make it stand out from the masses? Apply for the Big Impact Initiative Award 2021.


    Your Application:
    How long has your network existed?
    Further information about your application:

    When did the campaign take place?

    What initiative did you launch and what was you gial with it?

    Why exactly did you choose this initiative?

    Did you achieve your goals with the campaign? What impact did you campaign have? What are your next steps?


    Here you can upload additional files, for example, on individual initiatives of yours. If your upload file is larger, you can also send us the files via WeTransfer. (max. 5MB / file, file type: png | jpg | jpeg | pdf )

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