Ace Week 2022

Ace Week (formerly known as Asexual Awareness Week) is celebrated on the last week of October every year since it was founded in 2010. This year it falls on the week of the 24-30. of October. It exists to make asexuality visible and to give asexual people the possibility to air their experiences.

The word “asexual” is derived from the latin prefix “a” or “ab”, meaning “none” or “without”, and hints at very little or no sexual attraction to others and/or themselves.

Asexuality is not connected to the celibate. that means asexual people don´t actively decide not to have sex due to religious or other reasons. despite being asexual, asexual people can still have sex due veried reasons.

This fact differenciates asexuality from antisexuality, where even the idea of sexual acts is rejected. additionally, asexuality doesnt relate to repressed sexuality or fear. Ace people simply dont feel a desire towards sex. Estimates put around 1% of humanity in the asexuality spectrum.

The symbolism behind the Asexuality flag:

•             Black stands for asexuality

•             Greysymbolizes the asexual spectrum

•             white represents sexuality

•            purple stands for community

The symbolism behind the Aromantic flag:

•             Dark and light green represent the aromantic spectrum

•             white symbolizes platonic relationships

•             Grey and black stand for the asexual spectrum