Breakout-Sessions conference 2018

Breakout-Session: LGBT*IQ Expats

Jakob von Hoerner, Siemens AG

For globally operating corporations, posting employees abroad is a common occurrence. International postings of employees, to whom a company has a fundamental duty of care, invariably requires coordination on various organisational levels, from organising a visa all the way to briefings about the respective country and its culture. With regards to LGBT*IQ employees, whose legal and social status varies immensely across the globe, best practices in international postings are of particular importance. In this breakout session, Jakob von Hoerner outlined how Siemens AG tackles these issues and used his input to discuss strategy implementation options for international postings with the participants.


Breakout-Session: Expanding Networks

Ian Grace, Deutsche Bank

Building a global network of inclusion groups is challenging in the best of times; managing different personalities, different views on strategy and of course different cultures. However it can be done and in this breakout session, Ian Grace, co-chair of dbPride UK, will take conference attendants through the building of Deutsche Bank’s LGBT+ and Ally resource group from a small network in New York with a handful of participants, into a resource group that now operates out of eleven countries and twenty cities with thousands of members.
Ian highlighted some of the pitfalls to avoid, gave an honest assessment of what could go better, but also shared tips on the things that has made dbPride a strong and influential employee resource group within the global Deutsche Bank group.


Breaktout-Session: Communication and LGBTI Inclusion in a business environment

David Pollard, Workplace Pride Foundation and Marijn Pijnenburg, IBM

The workshop focused mainly on internal communication, but also touched upon how organisations can increase their impact by being clever about how they go about external communication as well. It was emphasised that whatever story was being told, it needed to be an integral part of organisations’ strategy : particularly their D&I Strategy so as to support the organisation and thereby helping the LGBTI community as well. After that a lively group discussion started about how to make communications more effective regarding LGBTI inclusion in the workplace.